Tribble & Mancenido are Brooklyn-based collaborative artists who are no stranger to being both voyeur and subject. They embarked on over a year long venture across the states, highlighting the journey of American truck drivers. The artists assumed the roles and responsibilities of the driver, living out of an eighteen-wheeler to create the series Hurry Up & Wait. Their work challenges the everyday perceptions of our environments with close studies of photography’s materiality and it’s subject at hand. They have shown in solo and group exhibitions domestically and internationally at Sasha Wolf Gallery, The Studio Museum of Harlem, Glasshouse and Carriage Trade, to name a few. Reviews and features of their work have appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, The British Journal of Photography, Bloomberg Businessweek, among others. Sasha Wolf gallery in New York currently represents Tribble & Mancenido.